Our Mission

If you remember the good old days at Whistler Blackcomb, then you have surely noticed how things aren't what they used to be. Ever since Vail acquired the mountain in 2016 lifts have become increasingly unreliable; line-ups are longer and longer; it requires more and more time to open the alpine terrain (or sometimes any terrain!); snow making happens less and less; grooming is virtually non-existent; and food is getting worse and worse. All while prices have gone sky high! In short, what was once a magical experience all has gone downhill!

But what can we do about it? Where else are we going to ski? Maybe it is a long shot but our simple idea is to launch this website and start and online petition that will voice the level of frustration in the Whistler/Vancouver area and raise awareness in the community around the deteriorating operations on the mountain and the disintegrating value of a lift pass. 

Remember that Vail Resorts is a public company that paid almost $1.5 bln to acquire Whistler Blackcomb in 2016. The analysts who follow this company, along with their shareholders and board of directors, should know that the acquisition has not gone as well as management might declare. Public companies cannot afford to have  public relations problems (just ask United Airlines), so this might work as a tactic to get them to listen. Indeed, Vail is very aware that without local support from the community any long-term plans that they have for the mountain will be doomed.

Fortunately, we live in a time when many small voices can get together to have their concerns heard in a big way through the internet and social media channels. Our mission is to get a narrative going in the community about how frustrated we are with what Vail has done to one our country’s national treasures. 

Please click the link above to sign the petition that will be sent to Vail's senior management and multiple media outlets. Also, please remember to forward it on to anyone you know who might provide further support. Our success depends on your willingness to help Make Whistler Great Again!

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View what others have to say about their experiences on the mountain and share your thoughts on Vail's control of Whistler Blackcomb! 

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Help spread the word by wearing one of these shirts around the Village. You can wear your love for Whistler on your sleeve (or at least on your chest!) and let Vail know how you really feel! These shirts sell at cost and have no mark-up. We are just trying to raise the profile of this campaign.