What Vail Has Said

Here is what Vail's senior management has told investors about the Whistler acquisition.

These are verbatim comments from Vail's CEO (emphasis added to note some of the promises and goals Vail has set for Whistler and the value they claim to ascribe to its brand and experience) :


August 2016 (at time of the the Whistler Blackcomb acquisition):

"We are true believers that ski vacations are about more than just skiing but are really about creating an outstanding experience for the whole family on and off the mountain." 

"Whistler Blackcomb is geared towards outstanding guest service, the highest quality operations and guest safety, all areas that we think differentiate our resorts and Whistler Blackcomb." 

"I want to close by saying that the most important part of the combination with Whistler Blackcomb is 

the opportunity to join together with everyone who works at the resort and the broader Whistler community, including the local First Nations. This is truly an incredible group of people who have made Whistler Blackcomb what it is today, and we look forward to working with them long into the future as we continue this great progress."

"I would say Whistler does a significant business today in Season Pass and Season Pass products and in frequency cards. They do quite a lot in frequency cards, and that's something that we will likely keep in place to allow people to still participate the way they always have. But we do hope that -- and I'm quite confident that many people will look to switch to the Epic Pass products that provide access around the world."

March 2017:

Whistler Blackcomb had benefited from good conditions throughout the season, a low Canadian dollar versus the U.S. dollar and the outstanding brand and guest experience delivered by the Whistler Blackcomb team." 

March 2018:

"What I can say is that certainly with Whistler Blackcomb, we've seen obviously a big increase in U.S. visitation to Whistler Blackcomb. We've seen a big increase in Epic Pass usage to Whistler Blackcomb. So I think that has been a pretty strong example, I think, of the power of the Epic Pass if you've got kind of the key destination resorts that people want to visit."

"I think we continue to see the momentum of [Whistler Blackcomb] in terms of its brand and the experience that the resort provides to guests."

March 2019:

"We think it's critical to protect the experience at Whistler Blackcomb for the long-term."